The TEAM behind Allen Industries, MFG.

Allen Industries Team

Allen Industries began its operation in October of 2008 in a small facility on Hall Avenue in Clifton, Colorado. The focus of the operation was well head servicing combined with a small machine shop that provided the other needs of oil field companies. Then and now when customers have a problem with a product, we will design and built it to meet their specific requirements. Because we took many jobs that other shops were unable or unwilling to do, the company began to find new clients including Frank Henry Equipment (now FHE USA LLC), Encana, Cal Frac and Halliburton.

Based on the increased volume of work, Allen Industries shifted gears in the fall of 2010 and relocated to a new address on Foresight Circle in Grand Junction. Clients’ products were diversifying and new oil field related technology was emerging. These demands allowed the company to expand its range of services to include testing and repair of valves and flow-back iron, a new welding and fabrication facility, and the purchase of additional CNC machinery to better serve the demands in the machine shop. Allen Industries then stepped into the production of proprietary equipment with a small fleet of solar powered flare trailers and a flush jointed tubing connection.

The partnership expanded in the spring of 2011 when John Moir and Cecil Reese brought along new ideas and management styles. Allen Industries found new opportunities in North Dakota, New Mexico and Wyoming. Investments in research and development continued to expand, new machines were purchased and a core group of employees grew Allen Industries into one of the fastest growing small companies in the area. In fact, Allen Industries received Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce Business Expansion Award in both 2012 and 2013.

Today Allen Industries is doing business in a 20,000 square foot facility filled with CNC mills and lathes and a complete fabrication shop. A true one-stop shop. We have expanded our operations into industrial pump repair, zinc phosphating, mining, wind generation, composite design and manufacturing and formalizing relationships with other manufacturers in Colorado and Utah. Along with our growth has come an emphasis on Quality, Safety and the Environment. We value the commitment of our work force and recognize that they will continue to drive the growth at Allen Industries for years to come. We will be expanding into the Permian Basin in the fall of 2019.


It has been Allen Industries belief that our success is due to our customer and employee support. We know that honestly and integrity are the best values to have both in the shop and out in the field. Our community outreach is something we are very proud of because it shows the true character of the Allen Industries’ family. This not only helps our community but strengthens the relationships of our employees. We are always looking for new ways to help and give back.