Fabrication, Welding & Precision Machining all in one shop

Our full service machine and fabrication shops are known for their superior quality and customer satisfaction.

Allen Industries works quickly and efficiently!

In the oil and gas industry, the pressure is always on to get out-of-service equipment repaired and back
on the job as quickly as possible. At Allen, we know that time is money and we have a reputation for
responding quickly and efficiently to the oil and gas industry’s rigorous demands. Our employees
willingly work whatever hours are necessary to meet deadlines. We value customer input and often
incorporate suggestions into improving our ability to meet their exact needs on a continual basis.


Our machinists have over 100 years of combined experience. From aerospace to oilfield to reverse engineering and building antique tractor parts, we have done it all. We have a wide variety of CNC and manual machines and tooling to build the parts that you need.


Allen Industries is compliant to API standards. We have our quality assurance manual in place, and practice what we preach. Our measurement tools and gauges are calibrated annually and traceable to
National standards. We have test reports for all material in our inventory and maintain material traceability.


Any part that we produce is double checked for accuracy to the print before delivery via our quality control system. Our measurement tools and gauges are calibrated annually and traceable to National standards. We closely follow industry guidelines. Producing quality products for our customers often generates return business because quality is a key component of their profitability.

Design & Customization

Our experienced staff can solve almost any problem or concern, whether it is making an existing part function better or creating a new one. Research and development are integral parts of our business. In the fracking industry, we designed a shaft that is now used the world over. We will always put forth our best effort to solve any customer problems that are presented to us.

Services that we specialize in

Precision machining/welding/large structural fabrication/industrial sandblast and paint/design and reverse engineering.


Able to hold tight tolerances, Allen Industries makes many parts that are shipped throughout the U.S. and abroad. Every part is checked for Quality Assurance before shipping, ensuring the end user a quality and reliable part. Field workers handle and rely upon parts we build every day. Our Quality and attention to detail is stringent. Our machinists meet regularly to discuss ways to improve our process and function.

Custom Fabrication
& Welding

Our fabrication team is certified in SMAW and GMAW. We are also equipped to do aluminum and stainless Mig and Tig fabrication, welding from small Tig projects to large aluminum fabrications using a spool gun. We are good at conventional projects and love the challenge of new, sometimes crazy, projects…from fixing farm equipment and building custom stairs to building an entire adventure park. We would enjoy working with you to make your dream come true.


We repair pumps of almost any kind…vertical, turbine, horizontal, sump, trash, split-case, etc.  All repairs are done to original specs as required.  Our pump specialist has over 45 years’ experience working for pump manufacturers in repair and inspection and is well versed in a variety of facets of fluid movement and repair.  Our pump services have extended to a 200-mile radius, and we are ready to keep your pumps running efficiently with a high-volume output.


No Job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Every part that is manufactured at Allen industries is held to the highest quality standards in order to meet our customer’s stringent specifications. We do this by diligently following our Quality Assurance program, and offer extensive training to all of our employees. All of our gauging and measuring equipment is regularly calibrated and tracked, so we know that we are always meeting design standards. Our materials are logged and traceable as well. Allen Industries is compliant with the API Specifications. Our goal is to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by providing superior quality at a competitive price.